Getting pregnant after BCP


Hi ladies,

My hubby and I decided we are ready to start trying for baby #2, so I came off my pill 3 days ago. We have DTD (do the deed) twice since, and i started spotting today (from stopping my pill).

What I’m curious about is how long it took for any of you mommas to get pregnant after stopping the pill? I know they say on average 1-3 months for your cycle to get back to regular and to start ovulating again but I’d love to hear any real life stories! I’m so excited to be pregnant again!

My doctor told me at my last appointment that when we’re ready I could come off my pill and we could start trying. I have another appointment with her on Sept. 7th for my yearly pap, etc.

Our first (now 14 months) was a surprise so we have never TTC (trying to conceive) so this is all new for me. I am already taking my prenatals again but any and all advice is welcomed 🥰