Freaking out! Please help


So I’m 15 and me and my boyfriend always have sex when we see eachother which is once a week. We always use condoms and when we finish, we always check if anything has came out or if the condom broke but we have always been safe. I normally get my period during the 12th-16th. During one of those days my period will start. Anyways, last month I got my period on the 22nd, which was strange because I never get my period around that date. I googled and research and it said your cycle is most likely changing and that it is totally normal. If it’s light spotting it could possibly mean your pregnant, but mine was heavy so I knew I was fine. It’s been a month later and I still haven’t got my period and my <a href="">period tracker</a> said I’m 3 days late. My boyfriend has never came inside me unprotected, but as I said we always check and we’re always safe. I’m really stressing out. Am I pregnant or am I being over thinking?? PLEASE HELP 💗