52 days, no BFP or PERIOD...


So ladies!

Im currently on Cycle Day 52 with no BFP or period in sight. I have a 26 day cycle on average (between 24-28) and been experiencing symptoms i wouldnt wish on anyone lol.

Last period was 7th July, was due for my next period on the 4th Aug which never came, and was also due to start on the 21st Aug (after app recalculation) which ALSO never came.

1 missed period, another late period, no sign of AF although im cramping like AF is coming/here (even though i never experience cramping before AF, only during AF).

I have no clue when or if I even ovulated, but apprent confirmed ovulation according to Natural Cycles was 28th July.

We arent TTC, but we haven’t exactly taken precautions either. So what will be will be, I’m prepared for either result!

Any thoughts?? Im losing the plot over here. I need to plan my life accordingly 😂