Would You Have a Problem with This?

DJ • 💍👧🏼👶🏻

My fiancé’s current “best” friend is a guy he’s worked with for the last year. I’ve only met him twice but I’ve heard a lot about him and sometimes I talk to him on the phone a little when I’m on the phone with my fiancé while they’re working together.

Yesterday his best friend added me on SnapChat and sent me a screenshot of plane tickets for a vacation and asked what date I wanted to go. (It’s a joke we have between the 3 of us.) So I responded and then he snapped me some pics of my fiancé at work. Then he removed me from his SnapChat. Come to find out it was because my fiancé had made a comment he didn’t want us snapping each other all the time and his friend didn’t want to cause problems.

Well then my fiancé told me to add him back if I wanted so this morning I did and then sent him a snap. We only sent one snap each but then my fiancé text asking if we were having fun snapping so I just said yeah and laughed it off. But I think that maybe my fiancé is actually uncomfortable or jealous or something? Do you think that it’s inappropriate for me to talk to his friend?

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