:(help any advice? X

Long story short, I’ve been struggling with painful sex with my new boyfriend since March, I’ve been terrified to get it checked cause of my fear of doctors but finally did, went for an ultra sound and had fluid on the pelvis meaning an infection. So I got treated for a water infection around 3 months ago. I felt like it helped but after about a week it was like nothing changed.

The doctor did say it could be an STI from the start and I’ve told my boyfriend that from the very start he said it was always fine and that we would sort it and I went to the doctors today and they said I should get checked for it.

I’ve told my boyfriend and he’s gone into complete freak out mode screaming at me, calling me every name under the sun, giving me mounts of abuse for it like I’ve never told him what it could be. He’s always been so upset and angry at me being in agony in sex and never getting it checked ( cause I have mass amount of anxiety towards it ) so I though us finally finding out would be the best and make us both happy no matter what it was. But he’s said if I have anything (even though I don’t know if it him that’s gave it to me bare in mind) he’s leaving me for it.

What do I do! I feel like if I carry on with this infection (if I have one) its hurting me and is dangerous and helping us both but at the same time I’m getting abuse for trying to help when it might not even be from me?? Or even if it is it’s from previous relationships and I didn’t even know :(!!