desperate for advice please help


me and my fiancé are currently expecting a baby and are living with his parents because they can’t take care of themselves (nothing is wrong health wise they are just overweight like on obese level) my fiancé since he was 16 has had to do everything for them groceries cook they don’t even get up to get themselves a glass of water they just yell my fiancé’s name and have him do everything and my fiancé hates it but doesn’t say anything because he’s a respectful only child that wants to help but i see how it affects his life and holds him back. This child is our first child and we are not financially ready how we would like to be, we won’t be struggling but it’s not the ideal time for a child and we currently are in Tennessee where I moved for my fiancé because he couldn’t move to Texas because has to take care of his parents who won’t take care of themselves. My fiancé has a full time work from home job so he can be with his parents, and he has never been gone from them longer than 2 weeks (they can function fine they choose not to do things for themselves when he’s around) he just takes out the trash and picks up groceries once a week which is the only thing they actually need help with (which they wouldn’t if they just got themselves a little healthy) I have no future in Tennessee no career no friends no social life not going to school I’m literally just here to be with my fiancé and every time I bring up moving to Texas (where I can be a successful real estate agent and have the income I want) we just get into a huge argument about how I’m trying to get him to abandon his parents. His parents have always been kind they’re not mean people but this has honestly made me not like them especially coming from a family of hard working people and just seeing them lay in the couch all day and not leave the house for 6+ months straight and watch tv or play video games all day then yell at my fiance to make dinner or bring a glass of water and then complain my fiancé didn’t make the food how they like it... I am

So over it and at this point I’m just thinking of my baby how he will have such a better life if I go back to Texas and stay with my parents instead of being in this house, I hate being here and it feels like I’m not in my own home and I’m fake because I don’t like his parents. they are lazy, controlling and manipulating of my fiancé acting like he is a piece of shit if he were to move away from them. we would not be living with them when the baby gets here but 5 minutes away in our own apt so my fiancé can be on call and ready for them any second they want.

I am so desespérate for some guidance bc i have no one to talk to about this. am i in the wrong, am I being harsh or should I do what I want to do and that is move back to Texas to be with my family and have my real estate career. I feel as he is putting his family first and not caring about the baby and I’s financial future or mental health and i can’t stand that he just puts his parents first over us when we need him and his parents choose to eat an insane amount and sit down on a couch all day (they work form their laptops) and they don’t leave the house or do anything to try to get healthy and I really don’t want my kid to even be around them they have such a disgusting lifestyle to me and it’s making me question my relationship, please I need advice I’m mentally not okay anymore I don’t know how much I can take