Bored and feeling sad on maternity leave


I'm sitting next to my newborn that I desperately wanted and tried to conceive for 3.5 years. I love her and I'm glad I was able to have a healthy baby. But for the past few weeks, I'm just feeling sad, nostalgic and flat out bored.

I've left my house to visit my parents, a friend, and I've gone grocery shopping. My house is clean and laundry is all done.

This maternity leave that I so much looked forward to is getting me down. And as much as I love being with my baby, I miss my old routine already. I miss going to work (am I crazy!?) I miss my husband when hes at work and when he gets home we just go to bed and we haven't been intimate in months since I was so pregnant and now I'm recovering from a c section.

When I look at my baby it makes me sad thinking about my childhood, and how it already feels so long ago.

I think being alone with my thoughts all day/ boredom is bringing me down.