Could I be pregnant? Or am I just being ridiculous


Okay so ive had the nexplanon for 2 1/2 years and it expires in June... well I haven’t been using condoms because I always get UTIS even with the non latex.. and my doctor advised me to stop because I was getting UTIS monthly. So I have sex with my bf without condoms and he pulls out and I have the nexplanon. For some reason I’ve been tired, craving food and it seems like I have the urge to pee more.. I took a test a couple days ago but it was negative... my periods are always unpredictable I bled on and off for 4 weeks before this.. idk. I’ve heard its really hard to get pregnant on nexplanon, so I am not sure if I am just freaking myself out/psyching myself out. Someone please respond 😭😭