He’s been secretive lately I thought it was my hormones brought it to his attention it just became argument after argument... I let a lot of crap go thinking it was me.. we were fine and dandy fights here and there last one he had changed his instagram password I left it as that.. found condoms when he went hunting left that as that thinking maybe it was when we used them.. he doesn’t know I know about those we became okay until today.. he left his phone inside while he was outside I went through it saw messages he claims it was about weed but let me tell you it was stating

How's all that about weed?

“if we do it again you’ll get distant”

“ I’m engaged you’re having a baby what would people say if they found out and we did it cause you were thinking about leaving her and now a baby is involved”

I’m not no weed smoker but messages like that doesn’t sound like weed especially because his job drug test him and he wouldn’t ruin his job.

Things got bad he broke glasses, a broom shoved a couch towards me, threw things on the floor, grabbed his phone from me and I fell called me a psychotic dramatic bitch and kicked me out... I can’t go home because my mom will get the truth out of me his mom knows everything and she even said that doesn’t sound like weed messages.. he’s lying I know he is. She was kind enough to let me stay tonight but my heart is in two...

Today I found out I gave my virginity, love, thoughts of marriage and a family, to someone who never wanted to be with me and never loved me.. im having a baby with someone who doesn’t care about me and I feel gross.. please don’t get me wrong I love my baby girl but I feel so disgusted and uncomfortable