To all the women who post these..

To the women who have been trying for sooo long and post pictures like these praying someone will say they see a line: my heart goes out to you.

I too know the struggle month after month. I never vote on these posts because I know in reality you must know this is no line .. voting not only reminds you of this and voting yes only gives you false hope.

My heart goes out to every women, who like me, suffered a miscarriage and cannot understand why it feels like they let themselves down and their body let them down. I pray that you know that you are a mom to your angel baby and your rainbow is on it's way to you. I also pray you know that they were loved and you will be a wonderful mother to your rainbow child/children.

The holidays have been especially hard this year for me. I just want to be holding my baby so badly. May all of you struggling to conceive get your babies in 2020.

Much love,