Boyfriend broke up with me

My boyfriend broke up with me after a 4 years relationship. I made a mistake. He was very possessive that I can’t hang out with my friends so I had to lie whenever I am with my friends. He doesn’t want me to go out with them because in my circle of friends there’s a guy. So when he found out that I was lying, he was really hurt and depressed but he tried to fix our relationship and it was fixed. Until he told me he can’t do it anymore and he is not happy with me anymore. He told me that the memories are still haunting him. But I saw that he was falling for another girl (I opened his FB messenger). Perhaps someone who makes him happy. He told me that he will fix his self and I will fix myself too then he will come back to me. We still go out together and communicate through chat and text. We even had a steamy night making out and had oral sex in my car. I am so confused.