Weird Neighbors

My boyfriend brings me food every night from work. We were sitting in the car talking , I just finished my food and we seen a cop car pass by. So I was like this is odd , we are in front of my house and I rarely see polices in my neighborhood. I tell my boyfriend to sit there in case they tried to pull him over if he pulled off. Three police cars came back and one got out. We rolled down our windows , he asked for my boyfriend drivers license and he showed him. He asked for my id because he didn't believe I lived there which is so odd. I told him my id was in the house and I could go get it for him while he stand outside the door. He asked for my name instead and I gave it to him. He tried to accuse us of having sex in the car like what!?! I literally have a house right there why would I be doing it in the car. My neighbor next door called and I am getting so annoyed because I have a right to invite someone to my house. They even called the tow truck before 2 times !! To try to tow his car. Like wtf ?? What do I do? We don't play loud music , his headlights be off so it don't shine in people houses. Am I not allowed to sit in a car outside my house or some?