It hurts like hell.

Just now getting back from my husband’s family thanksgiving lunch. And of course his cousin announced she’s pregnant with the family’s first great great grandchild. And I’m in tears. I held my emotions untill I got home and I of course just bust out in tears. I’m emotional and upset because me and my husband has been trying for almost 4+ years. And it hurts. It hurts because this is the cousin who told everyone months ago that “no one better get pregnant before me.” And of course she did. We wanted to be the first to have a baby and to announce it around the holidays. It hurts because no one knows the struggle of trying to get pregnant for so long. The announcements and everything just really hit hard. We try to be happy for those,but it’s literally SO hard. My husband keeps telling me that it will happen one day,but when? It should’ve happened by now. No matter how many doctors I’ve been to,apparently none of them see anything wrong with my body or my husbands sperm. Like my day has been ruined. 😪