She told me my baby was going to die😭


So, its Thanksgiving day and me and my fiance and my almost 1 month old daughter came to my fiancee grandparents for thanksgiving. (Keep in mind, im already uncomfortable there because his grandfather doesn't like me.) Well, we're all eating and my fiance decides to tell them a story about how our daughter woke him up the other day. His grandmother stops him mid-sentence and says "y'all dont sleep with the baby in the same bed do you??" I said "yeah. Im more comfortable with her sleeping with us. Ive slept with her since we left the hospital." She decides to go on and say "that baby is going to die sleeping with yall like that."

I'm a very light sleeper, so i wake up when she makes any type of noise or even when she moves just a bit. Well after she says that, i tell her that she's is my baby and I'm going to sleep with her, i tell her my parents slept with us and we were all fine, sne decides to make me feel worse by saying "yeah, until you roll over and suffocate her." By then I get up and whisper to my fiance and say "im ready to go." With tears in my eyes. I wasn't only embarrassed, i was also hurt and felt judged.

I know everyone has their opinions on co-sleeping but i like to co-sleep. I kmow my baby is warm and safe. My mom always said that co-sleeping helped prevent sids, my baby has been perfectly fine. I was already iffy about coming to the Thanksgiving because of his grandfather and it wasnt even his grandfather that made me uncomfortable, it was his grandmother...

How would you feel if someone told you that your baby was going to die Because you co-slept with them?

Heres my sweet girl💕 happy Thanksgiving everyone!