When did i ovulate? Help! (Pics in post)


I’m so confused.

I started AF on 30th Oct, it lasted 5days (normal).

I started taking OPKs from CD 7, as have a slightly irregular cycle and my last period came a few days early. I started getting ‘high’ OPK results from CD 15. Multiple tests on CD 16 and 17, all giving ‘high’ result, but no positive/ peak.

On CD 18 the tests went back to ‘low’ / negative. I never actually got a ‘positive result’. The tests remained low/negative results, and I stopped testing after CD 21.

I then got AF on CD 28 (26th Nov).

I honestly have no idea when I ovulated, and I am guessing it was around CD 18 or 19 based on the OPKs, but then that means there was only 9 days between ovulation and period? So I’m just really confused!