My husband sucks so much sometimes.

Mariah • •Due July 2020 Baby # 1 🤰🏾•

So yesterday after we got back from family thanks giving I told him that tomorrow I wanted to go to target to pick up my baby freebies because I sign up my registry there and go to Walmart because you know it’s Black Friday ! He said okay and that we will go in the morning. But his friend called him out last night to go drinking and I know when he does that he doesn’t come back until very late and then the next day he doesn’t want to do anything because he had a headache from all the drinking. So I asked him before he left you promise we are still going out tomorrow morning to go get the stuff I wanted he said yes he promise and kissed me goodbye. That was at 8:30pm he didn’t get back home until 4am. I was very upset. And this morning when I woke

Up I said let’s go to target and Walmart and he’s like “you know today is Black Friday right” I said yes we talked about that last night . And the. He says “ I’m not putting our baby at risk to go shopping and what are you even going to buy anyway” and now My feelings are a little bit hurt and I said I told you last night what I was going to buy at the stores and you promise me that we were going to go this morning. And he said “ the only reason you got up is because I got up at 8:30am to shower, if I didn’t get up you wouldn’t have gotten up to go target” and I looked at him with a weird face and I said no, this is the time I usually get up what are you talking about ? And he didn’t say anything and went back on his phone.

Sigh. Sometimes I just want to not cook for his stupid ass for a whole week. I don’t know why he made a promise he can’t keep and he knew how much I wanted to go to target and Walmart but whatever. and he told Me I can’t even go by myself because I have to protect the baby, all o do is protect my baby, even last night at thanks giving he wanted me to drink a little bit of wine , so no one would know that I’m expecting and I told him no and he stared getting upset and tell

Me to drink a little. I wanted to slap shit out of him. UGHHHHHHH. He later apologized for that nonsense because he knew he didn’t make sense and was wrong.

Idk what point of me even writing this was I guess to let off some anger and sadness ☹️

Thanks for reading.