Breaking up because of love

Today I broke up with my boyfriend of a year.

Recently I’ve noticed a change in his personality, I’ve noticed it seems he may be suffering with some form of mental illness. He’s been pushing me away a lot and has tried breaking up with me and then back pedals as soon as I tell him we can do whatever he needs to.

I have a lot of personal family issues, as-well as financial/anxiety problems right now myself. I have told him I loved him multiple times and have never heard it back from him. We discussed his change in personality today, as the last few days I haven’t heard from him and have been concerned. I care very deeply about him, but tonight I made a selfish decision.

I decided I would only continue seeing him romantically if he loved me back.

I asked and as soon as he stalled I knew.

I told him that he deserves someone he loves and trusts enough to talk to.

That i love him and appreciate our time together, but I wasn’t the right person for him and that was okay.

He can’t force himself to love me,

I did nothing wrong, I just wasn’t right.

I know I’ll find someone who loves me as much as I love them one day.

To my first mature love, thank you.

You taught me how to love myself.