I don’t know whats going on and im fed up

My crush turned up on Friday night when i was drinking in a bar with friends. He went out for a smoke with 2 of them and he told my friends that he needs to be more open with me, he wants to take me on a proper date and he needs me in his life. After an hour we all moved on to a different bar where he told strangers and people that work there that I’m his girlfriend. He kept telling my gbf that he is lucky to have me as a friend and I’m one of the best people he’s ever met.

He’s also been more attentive lately asking if I’m ok and wanting to take pics together which he’s never been bothered about before and tbh thats nice but at the same time its like he only seems to acknowledge me properly if he’s had a drink.

Anyway back to Friday night, the bar was closing, my friends were all starting to get taxis home. I was about to go to book a taxi when He invited me back to his for a drink. I thought why not? When we got there he showed me his new record player and after a while when i said i was tired he kissed me good night then insisted he slept on the sofa.

When i woke up it was about 1pm, I got up for a glass of water and he was still sleeping. I told him i had to go home, he then reached for a hug and said “don’t go baby” i said i had to and kissed his forehead and I let myself out.

About 8pm he text me asking if i was ok, he said he had been asleep most of the day and felt rough. I said i was ok just really tired and i hoped he felt better soon.

I had an early night, i put my phone on silent so i could sleep and when i woke i saw he tried to drunk text me. I messaged him back this morning and it didn’t go through. I got a bit annoyed and tried sending another message. I said that I don’t understand what he wants from me but he needs to show me some respect either way.

Its not the first time. I’ve asked him about it before and got no reply but I think he’s hungover and asleep.

Edit - The issue is that i hear hardly anything from him if he is sober. Like nothing at all for days but if he has a drink I’m the best thing in his life. But when he is sober i feel like I don’t exist.