Trying after miscarrige (very long)

Kay • Mummy to precious angels too beautiful for earth👼🏼💕
Hey all I'm new to this app but was on a different site before. Little background me and the other half have been together for 5years very soon and had been trying for a baby since the beginning of 2013, wasn't tracking my cycles or anything at the time just a "if it will be it will be" sort of thing. Anyway we started trying trying in January of this year, started tracking my cycles to see when I would ovulate ect.. Started taking prenatal tablets in March, by July we got our bfp but unfortunately miscarried at 5weeks&2days, we were devastated! Anyway we are back on the ttc wagon but just need a bit of help. I am wondering how long it took you guys to get your bfp after you miscarried and what helped you get it(eg pre seed). I am willing to try anything to get my rainbow baby!