How to stop worrying in your first trimester.


So I’m 4 weeks pregnant with my first. I’m so happy and excited but there is a part of me that is so terrified something will go wrong. I’ve only told a handful of people as I’m waiting for the first scan, I told myself I wouldn’t worry or google during the 1st trimester as I’m a massive worrier and will freak myself out but knowing myself I did... 🙄

I’m waiting for my midwife to contact me for my 8 week blood tests then 12 week scan, we booked ourselves in for a private scan at 10 weeks as I’m seeing my dad and step mum in Scotland before my 12 week scan and want to tell them face to face. I just want to ask how everyone deals with the anxiety of pregnancy and waiting for the first scan and check ups?

For background I’m 25, non smoker, non drinker, healthy weight, no health conditions either so it’s not like I’m in any kind of slightly high risk bracket but still terrified! Thank you!