How to Tampon

Okay so I kinda don’t know how to put on a tampon. Which is why I’ve always worn pads but lately I have been wanting to use tampons because honestly it’s so so messy cleaning up to change pads or just after I use the restroom. The only thing is I’m so scared to put the tampon on wrong. I have done it once and I put it in wrong because the whole time I had it on it hurt me bad, but also maybe it hurt cause I got the super size tampons for heavy flow😂 I really don’t know so once I took it out it also hurt very much ever since then I never again used tampons. So I need help lol how do I put in a tampon? How do I know it is in the right way? What size am I supposed to get? What tampons are good? How many times do I take it out? I’m new at all of this lol I’m 20 and don’t know ANY of this lol please help!