Is this a lil crazy

You know how everyone has a past? Past relationships and sexual experiences? Even virgins could have went on dates or had a crush from the past. Anyways I get very weird when my man mentions past relationships or experiences that involved other females. They DO NOT come up In ways like “she was so great or really hot or had good pussy”. It’s more so like past experiences he went thru like former jobs where the ex was in his life at the time. Such as tonight, he mentioned after he noticed how bad I am sunburned how his skin peeled one time when he used to work as a roofer and how his ex got mad about it. Now I said “fuck that bitch” granted she’s been history long before he ever met me. And it’s not like she or him have any contact. However i never knew he use to work in roofing years ago. You learn new things about your partner with time. He knows not to mention any past sexual experiences in front of me anymore because I cuss the girl out. Am I taking things too far because maybe he will eventually feel he has to greatly filter out his past with me, and maybe feel damn i can’t really discuss my past with her? Meaning me