Stay or leave?

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. I'm 20, he's 23. We broke up about a week ago, but now we are back together. (We've broken up for very short periods in the past as well, all of which, with the exception of 1 incident, I ended it every time) I always come back to him because I find myself missing him like crazy, it kills me almost to not talk to him etc, why don't I feel that passion when I am in a relationship with him?
​Recently I've still felt like I want to get away, and it's so confusing to me because he is completely & honestly the nicest guy ever! I love him so much, but my conflict is am I still in love with him? I feel like I am but these feelings of wanting to "get back out there" make me think maybe I'm not. I almost feel like I don't get the attention I "need", I know he loves me but I miss the cute little things he would do for me. Sometimes I bring it up that I want those good morning texts or the compliments, I feel like he just doesn't take me seriously.  & (Maybe TMI) 
​The sex is great! Never any complaints.
​Basically I feel like I want to meet new people, he gets a little bit protective of me and doesn't like if I go out or hang with friends too often (he doesn't come out and say it that much but I can tell he's mad) 
​I don't know the exact question I guess that I'm asking, I'm just confused why I'm having these feelings. Maybe some advice as to how to re-kindle the love/passion? I honestly would like to stay with him and make it all work because he is amazing, but I feel eventually if I don't get the attention and that absence of passion isn't filled, I'll end up leaving again, maybe for good :(