I'm living with a dangerous man

I began living in a shared house about 2 months ago, I'm living with 4 others. 3 days after I moved in, Mike went crazy and started smashing the house up. I was alone in the house with Mike and I was scared - but after he'd calmed down he came and sat with me like nothing had happened. Stupidly, a few weeks later after I'd spent more time with him I slept with him, but since then he has done whatever he pleases eg walks into my room whenever he feels like it and gets into my bed, he will not allow me to have a friend over and he gets mad if I speak about another guy; however he can have as many women over as he likes... He has anger problems clearly, and I often feel I cannot say no to him when he walks into my room. He doesn't force himself on me before anyone thinks that, but I do feel I have to tread on eggshells around him because I would be frightened of him if he got angry. The others in the house know what is going on but they also don't know how to behave around him