Ttc after ectopic #2

Kate • 29 - 2ectopics now proud mama of 10yr old & 6mth twin girls xx
I have just had to wait the longest 3months after having methrotrexate! You're not allowed to ttc within 3mintgs of the treatment for ectopic. It was my 2nd ectopic (one in 2012&2014). However tests have shown no reason, I've never had an infection and I've got no blockages or scaring and luckily I still have both tubes so it would seem that it's just really really bad luck for me to have 2 :(
I'm so so scared about trying again! My most fertile day isn't till the 29th Nov! It will be the first time in months we will have bd'd unprotected. I feel like I'm just gonna spend my two week wait just waiting for an ache or pain or spotting. Wish I could just enjoy the process you know!
Any success stories after multiple ectopics x