Miscarriage?? Cyst?? Too afraid to ask anyone.


I'm currently 22, this happened to me when I was 17. It's one of those things that I never understood and was too afraid to ask for help. But here, I can ask and actually get real opinions, not just someone saying "I don't know what to tell you..." So please help a girl out. Settle my mind for good.

I was 17. Still a virgin. But somewhat active. My boyfriend at the time finished actually finished on me (splash pregnancy never crossed my mind). But of course I just forgot about it. About six weeks later I was almost two weeks late, and finally my period hit me like a train. I was crying, screaming, writhing in pain. I was vomitting violently and sweating profusely. I remember it like it was yesterday. The pain was unlike anything I'd felt before with any period. I actually passed this strange clump of what I just assumed to be tissue but it was larger than normal and a gray/whitish thing.

My grandmother was with me the whole time, and she was crying and praying over me and she looked so worried. The rest of my family was gone and like I said, it hit me so hard and so suddenly. She asked me if it was like that every month and when I told her no, that's when she started crying.

Everything I've ever researched has given me different answers. Has anyone ever experienced this before????