Sooo worried 😭

Michelle πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
My 7y old daughter has been feverish and bad head aches on and off for 2/3 days but no other symptoms and pain meds helped her get back to normal mostly and she'd go out to play even, then she'd be ill again. I've kept an eye on her and made sure she was ok. Last night she was complaining about 3 bug bites on her neck being itchy! My bf says she has chicken pox 😳 I said nooo she's been out on her scooter it's bug bites. This morning she comes in to me and says I have a cpl more bites mum. I said turn around and show me your back... Low and behold I see blistery spots all up her back and on her neck. I was horrified!!! I Called the doctor and he said since I've had it then baby should have antibodies against it, but he wants her in for a diagnostic check up in 2 hrs from now  and I may need an antibodies blood test to make sure I'm fully immune. I've read on line it can cause deformities and brain damage and all these horrible things. I'm so worried girls 😭😭😭