How to handle this....

I want to start by saying: I have no issues with strippers or the existence of strip clubs and have friends who do it as a job!
Basically over the past year on a few occasions I have seen vacancies for bar jobs (just bar work, not dancing!) at some local strip clubs and have needed work. I liked the idea I could do as many hours in 2 nights as some part time jobs allowed over a week. I know from friends that security is actually better than other bars I've worked at- you are actually less likely to get harassed working in a club! My partner however was very against it and said he had been to clubs before and wouldn't be comfortable with me working there and would struggle with it. I said that's fine but it works both ways , if he doesn't believe it's a safe environment for women; don't go yourself.
So obviously last night was his stag do. And he stumbled back at 3am having been to a club and had dances paid for.
I really don't know how to react. We are getting married in 4 weeks, and I'm now 8 weeks pg and suffering bad "morning" sickness (silly name!!).
I've not reacted yet but he has slept in the spare room because he's still drunk and the smell of the booze is making me puke 😖.
You might have gathered- my issue is the hypocrisy and the fact I was told I couldn't do something which he's done!
I know it happens, and being pg means I'm more sensitive I'm just so angry that I was told I couldn't work a f-----g bar job apparently on some basis of women not being respected yet it's fine for him to have them naked all over him ??
My fiancé was strictly against me even entering a strip club and said I couldn't work a bar job there, then went whilst I'm PG and feeling less than hot anyway!
I'd love to just go hand in my CV now anyway but unfortunately I'm not sure how many tips a preggo woman throwing up on the bar would get 😂