So I posted earlier about if I should leave or stay with my partner and tbh I think I have just figured out what's really wrong.

I'm scared -

Scared to leave -he seems to have no idea,and I don't wanna hurt him.

Scared to be a single mom

Scared to start again

Scared of having to move miles away to feel better and be closer to family.

Scared of possibly not having a stable income for a while if I leave and having to find a new house,as I can't afford to move out because at the minute he's paying rent for me to be a sahm (I have no problem with going back to work but want to move cities so don't want to have to get a job then leave it)

I literally have no idea how to tell him!

If anyone did leave thier SO, weren't you scared / worried. How'd you manage to work through it and cope?

Sorry to keep posting it's just a hard time at the minute.

Thanks :)