friend made me feel bad for fertility 😔

Michelle 🇬🇧
I have been blessed with high fertility and have been pregnant 4 times in just over a yr. (one still born in march, 2 early losses one in may one in June then this pregnancy 30+6 i conceived in July!) I also have 3 kids who I got pregnant with the first month of ttc with each. I told my friend I am done with pregnancy after this. She has one 21yr old and was never able to get pregnant after due to having womb issues. She said what a waste of fertility it is and must be nice to just give it up now I have what I want!! I've been sympathetic to her fertility issues and tried not to be in her face at all with any of my pregnancy things, but  I still don't no what else I can do. If I'm finished having kids and could hand her my fertility I would gladly but I can't. I just feel bad and don't know how to deal with this. She on one hand is jealous and bitchy and on the other hand says I can't wait for you to have him I'm so excited. How do I handle this situation without ruining our friendship?