So overwhelmed 😢 long

Michelle 🇬🇧
This is my 🌈👶 after a still born last March. I'm 34wks and just so many things are going wrong! I've just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Friday. I'm a massive chocoholic and struggling big time not to eat it. Finding a balance is something I've never had to do with food. I have to prick my finger 4 times a day and write down my blood readings and everything I eat.
Also my baby is breech again... they said at 36wks they'd turn him manually, I accepted and my midwife said NO, she delivered a baby who was dead 2 days after being turned, so it's too dangerous and only accept him being turned if I'm induced that same day and monitored the whole time. 😳 add all this on too the fact that walking hurts and turning over in bed my pelvis makes a loud cracking noise and I get burning pain that I have to hold still and breathe through. I have 3 more scans, weekly midwife apts and have to see my consultant again and diabetic clinic on Mondays. I'm drowning in this pregnancy! My life is SOOO over taken by it. I am so desperate to have if over. I now don't know if I'm being induced or having to book a c section instead now due to him being breech. This has become a bit of a nightmare. Anyone else struggling now?