am i a bad person?

Georgia • Little pea 😇 wynter cleo 12.3.17 💜 skylar elizabeth 9.6.18
Im due tomorrow 26th. And theres no sign of baby, i mean i recon she will be late.
But for the past 2 weeks i keep getting friends and family messaging me asking 'how baby is'  which im not sure how to answer because shes in my belly... or 'is she here yet' now i dont know if its cos of hormones or nerves, but im really getting annoyed with the same questions every day. People know the due date, they also know i think she will be late. I mean im the one who has carried her for 9 months and im not even getting asked how i am doing! When quite frankly im pooping myself cos im so nervous, im struggling to sleep or to get comfortable, and im in pain every day! Feel like i might snap at someone and i really dont wanna do that. Help lol.