help me! am i pregnant?

So iv been on the pill for 4 years. In the two months i have missed my pill a few times and most times atleast two pills forgotten in the same week and didnt use back up protection as me and my partner would be conpletely okay if i fell pregnant. I have done this before in the past and never fell pregnant so it didnt really worry me and i assumed my chances were low. However iv been a little off the last week, last monday i thought i was getting a migraine for the first time ever as i had a really bad headache all day and was nauseous whenever i moved around. Iv also for the last week and a half every single night have been having atleast 3 majorly vivid dreams/nightmares that wake me up everytime and i remember them all. I have never had such frequent, vivid, and weird/imaginative dreams before and it has been nonstop every night for the last week and a half. I have also been struggling to sleep but dont know if thats to do with the dreams. And just now i went to the toilet and had a bit of creamy discharge in my underwear that was tinged a pinky-brown from slight spotting and when i wiped the toilet paper had a slight pinky brown spotting, not fresh red blood (sorry TMI!) i have never had this before and never get spotting on my pill. Has anyone experienced this before? I cant say if my periods late because i dont really get a proper period on my pill, it just skips it and so i dont know whether i should test? Wait? Or is this all just a coincidence? Please help me if you have experienced this or have any advice!!