Ovulation!? AF?! Please help a girl out.

Essay alert - sorry!!!
Reluctant to post as they often go unanswered and I get myself down. Any help is appreciated.
Been TTC 4 months almost 5 but been off pill for almost 8 months (approx.) Cycle has managed to get itself back to normal.
This cycle AF came on the 6th-10th. According to Glow my fertile window was last week but took a test and was negative so Glow adjusted my window. Peak day is TODAY apparently now. BD more or less every day for 2 weeks at this point (desperate!!! Lol) 
Went to the bathroom earlier today, wiped and saw some light pink on the tissue (TMI sorry!!) and I've never experienced that. Kind of given up with OPKs as they make me feel so horrible. AF is not due to rear her ugly head for another week and a half!!! 
Is this pinky stuff a good sign!!? Thanks!! Xxxx