So scared but excited


So I lost some of my mucus plug today but not all of it. Just getting low back pains and feel like I got period pains. Just scared dunno what to expect now feel like I'm gonna cry just because it won't be long till my baby girl will arrive 😮😄 done my hospital bag 36 weeks today due 5th of August but midwife said she's just over 5 pound but that was last Thursday so she might be bigger now. I knew I had her in me but just hits me like I dunno what's gonna happen like first baby 🙈🤔😁 feel like I'm gonna miss my baby girl not being in me, like any one will hold her I won't have control any more 😣 but I really love my baby girl and my partner is very excited too 😁 this feeling is so strange loads of feelings at once