Major crush! Help!


Sorry for the long post!

Hey guys! I just wanted your guys opinion on how to start talking to a guy. There's this guy at my school that I have a major crush on! And I'm almost sure he likes me too. I always catch him looking at me and look away when I catch him. I want to start talking to him because I really like him but I just don't know how. The thing is I'm kinda shy when it comes to boys so I don't really know how to approach this situation. I would really like opinions on how to be more confident and not awkward. I could really use your guys opinion 😫 I don't know how to flirt and I really want to know more about him and get to know him. He just makes me super crazy, I smile at the thought of him and he gives me so much butterfly's! Btw I'm 16 and he's 17 but we are both juniors.