Fiancè cleaned up my vomit 🤢🙈😔❤

Taylor • 25 • British • Mummy to 2 beautiful little girls 👧🌈 👶❤

I was just laying in bed scrolling through Facebook and my fiancè was in the shower, I suddenly felt that 'oh god I'm gonna puke' feeling and ran to the bathroom, he has locked the door! (he does that when he poops 😂) I was banging on the door and he got out to open it and the lock jammed!! He was cursing and trying his hardest to unlock the door but unfortunately my stomach wouldn't wait and I ended up throwing up on the floor outside the bathroom 😔😭 I was so embarrassed and upset I burst into tears! He managed to unlock the door and saw me standing there crying! I went to the kitchen to get the anti bac and some wipes to clean it up and he came and gave me a huge hug, filled a glass of water and told me to go lie down and he'd clean up. I was even more embarrassed and told him I made the mess I'll clean up but he wasn't having it! This just made me cry more! I'm now in bed and he's come to give me a cuddle and tell me it's okay. This man is just everything ❤❤❤