Mixed signals.. please help

I don't even know where to start, but I'll try. We dated for 3 years but kept breaking up bc it never works out. I always want more and he refuses to do anything for me. When I ask him to do more he gets mad and offended and just says he's done. It hurts me so much bc he makes me feel like I'm not worth anything besides what's between my legs. I feel like he doesn't even think I deserve the things I think I do which is why he gets so mad when I bring it up. He used to take me out, buy me things, spend time with me and now he does nothing but make love to me. He only sees me at night and for the sole purpose of having sex. It's amazing and I can feel how much he loves me and we have the best time when we make love but I want more then just sex. He told me he couldn't see me with anyone else or bare the thought of someone having me so he decided to keep me. Btw i lost my virginity to him and hes very possessive about being the only one. He told me I'm his and all kinds of things but still doesn't want to do anything for me. He confuses me so much to the point where All I do is cry and have anxiety a feeling I never want to feel again in my life. He makes me feel like I deserve nothing and that I'm crazy for thinking I deserve the things a bf should do. I know I'm not crazyI love him so much but I can't take not being treated the way I should be and I'm done settling. Why does he act like he wants me but won't do anything for me?