anesthetic question?


So I was wondering if stress and anxiety could cause anesthetic to wear off?

I was due to have a tooth out on Tuesday but it never happened because after I was given the maximum dosage of anesthetic allowed by the dentist it wore off.. Not all of it but in the main area where he was supposed to be working, so about 89% of my mouth but the area he was supposed to be working on I could feel it as he made the incision to start taking the tooth out and he had to stop.

This has happened before about 4 years ago and I was nervous and anxious then too. So I'm wondering if maybe it's possible for that to cause anesthetic to wear off?

I might just be clutching at straws here and it might have just been my body playing tricks but idk I'm now wondering if maybe I just worked myself up so much that my subconscious was telling me that it hurt when it didn't 🤔 I didn't even think of asking the dentist because I was a bit emotional about it