Cramps, back pain and weird feeling down there. Please help

My period is late by 5 days (100% not pregnant), mild cramps and back pain are normal before my period but I've had them for almost 2 weeks and still no period.

As for the weird feeling down there I'm not really sure what that's all about, the last time I felt a feeling like that I had a UTI but I have no other symptoms than that so I'm wondering if its just period related?

I don't know to be honest. I think I just need my period to show up and leave so I can see how I feel after. I'm just so frustrated to be honest, I just want it to show up already grrrrr.

I REALLY hope it's not another UTI, I've been having cranberry pills to help prevent it, I'm so careful now, it was only about a month ago that I had one, is it possible that the antibiotics worked partly and prevented the symptoms from being that bad? Is it possible to even have a UTI with only these possible symptoms that might not even be related to a UTI.

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm freaking out, I kinda am. I have anxiety and I really don't want to go back to the doctors, it's scares me.

I've kinda been a hypochondriac since the first UTI.

Any advice or just kind words would be really great.

Thank you :)