FTM to be getting organised 😆

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hey mummies.... I am a FTM to be and I'm due in July 2018 (I know, I've got ages still but I'm excited)!

So, I have started making lists of all the things I'm going to need. (BN) means brand new and (SH) means second hand... We have so much family offering us many items but I know what I want brand new and what I don't mind accepting second hand... ☺ anyway, I was wondering if any of you FTM to be and mommies already can think of anything I've missed off of my lists or anything you found super useful, drop it in the comments! I'm sure this will be helpful for me and any other women who don't know where to start! (I have also started making lists for what I'm going to need post-birth and what I will need for my hospital bag but I might post that closer to the time of my due date) Any advise or ideas is much appreciated!! 😘