I had a baby... and it didn’t hurt! (At first)

Laura • ♥️Momma to 2 beautiful boys! Carter Liam 2/17/18 & Jonah Gray 12/17/19 ♥️

I can’t believe the time has come to finally share my birth story with you all! As a little back story, I had been having stronger contractions since 35 weeks they usually weren’t too consistent and went away after an hour or two. On two occasions my contractions were timing anywhere from 2-5 mins apart for multiple hours but I never went in because they never got more intense. Early in the morning on 2/7/18 (at 38 weeks 2 days) I was having strong contractions lasting around 3 mins apart starting around 12:30am. They stayed strong and they stayed consistent but I wasn’t in unbearable pain. I tried walking around, I tried bouncing on my ball and drinking a ton of water and nothing diminished them at all. Finally around 4am I decided to wake up my boyfriend and let him know what was going on. Then I started to experience some very mild pain in my lower back which made me question if it was actually real labor this time. I didn’t want to go to the hospital because honestly the pain wasn’t unbearable and I thought it was false labor but my boyfriend insisted I call the hospital and see if I should go in. At 5am the on call doctor told me it sounded like real labor and I should head to the hospital. I remember on the ride there, my contractions seemed to grow further apart and I was telling my boyfriend that we were going for nothing and that we’d be sent home because I didn’t think it was real labor. We got to the hospital around 7 am and the nurse came in to check me for dilation. I was absolutely shocked when she checked and immediately said “oh yeah baby’s head is right there, you’re three centimeters!” I literally looked at her like she was nuts! So I decided that I would walk around the hospital for a while to get things going stronger. Around 8:00am I had progressed to almost 5 cm and was still considerably comfortable. I still had to stop and breathe through contractions but they were no where near as intense as I had anticipated, that being said I decided I would like some time of IV pain relief so that I could relax and try to get some sleep. I didn’t want the epidural quite yet because I had wanted to move around if I wanted and I didn’t want to stall my labor since I was progressing so well. The nurse was very strong minded and kept telling me that I should just get the epidural instead since I knew I wanted it anyways I might as well just get it then. After telling me about the effects of the medicine and that I wouldn’t be able to move around through labor I decided to not get the IV pain meds. The anesthesiologist was on the floor and I decided I would get the epidural then because I was progressing so fast I didn’t want to miss my chance, I really feel I could have gone atleast until my water broke without it though! I got the epidural around 8:30-9am. (It was seriously not painful AT ALL to get the epi, my IV in my hand hurt 10x more, don’t be nervous if you are getting an epi! It’s honestly painless) ) I was checked around 10 am and hadn’t progressed at all. Although every time they checked me they always commented about how low he was and they were so surprised. He was ready for sure but my body was not dilating as quickly. By 12 pm I had progressed maybe a half a centimeter and I was really starting to be disappointed in my decision to get the epidural. Around 12:30 they broke my waters to try and get things moving along, thank GOD I had the epi for that experience because I know that would have been painful. And I definitely didn’t want to feel the catheter going in either! I felt absolutely nothing but I was still able to move my legs. After my water broke I slowly progressed and by 4:30 pm I was ready to start practice pushing. Pushing was really hard if I’m being honest, you’re pushing with all of your might and they’re still like “you gotta push harder, HARDER, cmon a little harder...” and I’m sitting there blue in the face like “for real?!” I know they do it to motivate you but I was definitely getting frustrated! Haha! I pushed for a little over an hour and my son was born at 5:45 pm. He weighed 6 pounds and 11 ounces. He was 19.75 inches long and absolutely beautiful! The feeling you get when you see your baby for the first time is the most beautiful surreal amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life! It is indescribable. I ended up having multiple tears inside and out and had a third degree perineal tear. Out of my entire experience, including my pregnancy, the worst part was by far the recovery. My son is a week old today and the pain is still very intense, he is honestly worth every single bit of pain though and I am so in love with him!

Sorry my story was so long I hope this helps you if you are scared about labor. Just know everyone is different and you won’t go through the same experience as everyone else. I was honestly terrified based on the stories I had heard but my labor was completely different.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my labor story and here’s some pictures of my beautiful son, Carter Liam! ❤