Married, with intense anxiety about getting pregnant.

I take the pill Orthonovum 777 ,we are still newly married and young. I’m 20 and took a semester off of college after getting married and now I’m back in. Hubby is not going back to school. Anyways, you see why I’m so freaked about a child. I’m too young for this. I have two years left. I have such high fear of getting pregnant. We even use condoms with my pill. Obviously my mind is eased with this method. I feel bad for making my husband wear one I feel like as a married couple you’re suppose to enjoy sex and I’d be mortified if someone found out we still use condoms.... he told me the other night he wants to try it bare just atleast once before the end of the year. I instantly got anxious. It’s honestly ruining my life. I keep thinking I’ll never finish school I’ll have a baby by then. I just want to enjoy time with my husband worry free. Has anyone ever noticed this? And what do I do about my husband and I not in agreement with wearing condoms for a while? He told me months ago if it’s what eases my mind it’s okay but I’m starting to think he’s not liking things. I just want to cry. He’s a fearless person, he doesn’t care and tells me I have to trust my pill but I know so many people

Who have gotten pregnant on the pill even taking it correctly. I don’t know what I’m asking, I guess for advice.

I honestly just want to drop out of school at this point and then I wouldn’t even care as much