Experiences with clear blue digital ovulation sticks!


Hey glow fam! Can anyone explain some experiences they’ve had with this digital OPK? :)

Did it work for you?

How long did you test?

Reason being: first cycle I used them & didn’t get pregnant. Which is okay as a lot of people don’t. This is now my 2nd cycle using them, & I’m feeling hopeful that this time is it!

On cycle days 8 to 13, I got all high fertility readings in the AM & PM.

On cycle day 14 I got my PEAK which stays on the monitor for the next 2 days. Well today went the solid smiley went away, I tested again & got another PEAK on cycle day 16.

We BD on cycle days 3, 10, 13, 15, & 16.

Any advice on this? Can you get peak more than once? 💖💖👶🏼👶🏼🤞🏽🤞🏽