Has anyone else experienced this?

So I am 10+4days pregnant. During weeks 5 to the middle of 9 we're horrible!! I was constantly throwing up and I never was hungry, and I tried everything. I lost 13lbs.

And then I woke up one day starving (9+3wks), I was like yassss!! No more sickness!

But then I realized nooo that is wrong.. as soon as I start feeling hungry I have to eat or otherwise I am throwing up and if I do eat I have to eat only a certain amount or I will throw it right back up.

(Side note: Threw up yesterday around 3pmish and my sister, she is 24 with no kids, said WTF why are you throwing up?? It is the middle of the day so it isn't morning sickness. 😂😂😂 I fucking died).