He tired and not interested

Bad girlfriend alert!

My boyfriends been working overtime lately (like an extra five hours a week). I’ve been on my period for the past two weeks so I’ve been out of order. We still both live at home with our parents but we’re a 40 minutes drive apart so we see each other three times a week.

So today I’m finally period free and he’s asleep.

He came over at six (even tho he finished work at half two) as he went to gym and at eight he was sleeping. He’s out working tomorrow for four hours but it means he leaves my house at seven so we won’t get to spend time together tomorrow.

I know he’s doing well by working extra and is tried but I feel so unappreciated that he’s not shown a bit of interest in me even tonight though we’ve not been sexually active in two weeks.

At the start of the relationship, he was found talking inappropriately to girls online who he doesn’t know. The reason for this is because he thought I wasn’t interested in sleeping with him that much. But at that point I had been bleeding a lot due to the implant.

Am I being silly? I do feel bad for feeling this way ☹️


Thank you for your replies! But why can’t he see me another day when he’s free? Rather than for two hours then he sleeps