Hi ladies, I found out a few days ago that I am finally pregnant with my first after TTC for just under a year. Both my husband and I are absolutely over the moon but I'm just feeling really worried and anxious about a few things and hoping to get some advice.

I'm 5" 1 and weigh 198.4lbs and classed as obese. I have been on a calorie restriction of 1200 per day and exercising at the gym 5 days a week before getting the positive pregnancy result. This was to help lose the weight as I thought that losing weight would help to conceive as we were trying nearly a year and nothing was happening but out of coincidence, I fell pregnant as soon as I started this routine!

My question is that can I still continue this as I'm scared that it may harm my baby? My husband said not to continue as he is also concerned but I am scared that if I stop dieting and exercising, I will put back on more weight than I started with (lost 4kg since I started the routine) and I'm aware that being pregnant, I'll put on a little weight anyway but I'd like to control this as much as possible in a healthy way. I know that exercising can actually help to have a better pregnancy but can I still be on a calorie restricted diet as well? Would this have a negative effect on the baby?

I'm already very worried about the possible effects my weight can have on my pregnancy and on the baby. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can advise as I don't want to do anything I may later regret.