Ovulation bleeding?? 🧐

I haven’t been testing for ovulation this month (too damn expensive!) but through following my cycle the last 3yrs, I pegged it to be happening somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday.

On Monday night I felt serious mittelschmerz lower left hand side, and then yesterday morning (Tuesday!) my cervical mucus was clear stretchy egg whites.....so I figured that ovulation was happening!!

My hubby and I had sex Monday night and last night (Tuesday) .....I was using Preseed for the first time as well. Yesterday however, mid-morning, I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was bright red blood on the tissue! I have occasionally experienced a little spotting during ovulation so didn’t think much of it initially, BUT, throughout the rest of the day, there was more very light pink bloody mucus on the whenever I wiped, and A LOT of cm. I have never known it to present as a ‘continuous’ bleed before, only a one-off spotting.

Today there has been nothing but more stretchy, eggwhite mucus, so I guess everything is ok again......I just wanted too ask - has anyone else experienced ovulation bleeding that lasted a whole day as opposed to a one-off bit of blood? Or should I get checked out? Could the pre-seed be causing irritation? Or am I just being too cautious?

Thanks in advance!! ☺️💕