Fallback? Using CBD opks flashing 😀 but no peak.

My opks are still flashing but I think I Oed on the 30th (glow has 3/30 as 1dpo) and had "fall back" 3dpo (glow has it marked at 4dpo). My cervix was SHOW on the 29th and also pretty close to SHOW on the 30th.

I think the flashing smiley faces are due to hormonal imbalance, I have this feeling they will flash well into my next period. the CBD opks tests progesterone and estrogen so I'm not sure if that could be prolonging the blinking.

Fall back is usually a one or two rise then a dip back down to or just passed cover followed by another rise. I didn't get a cover because glow wont recognise anything until a 3 rise from what I heard. Nothing can be confirmed unless my temp stays above my imaginary cover. What do you think?

Forced cover line by marking today as period.