Should we start trying now or wait?


I am so desperate to be a mum, me and my husband have been together for 11 years this year and I have wanted to start a family for at least 5 years, but due to financial issues we have had to wait. We have finally sorted out our money, but I have just changed jobs, which wasn’t the plan so we delayed by another few months. I have been in this job a month and have a 6 month probation. I just want to start trying, but if we were lucky enough to fall pregnant quickly, I would still be in my probationary period. Should we wait a month or 2 longer so that at least I would be worst case at the 12 week mark after my probation has ended or just go for it and not worry? I am 33 and have a hormone condition which effects fertility.

I don’t want to wait and then regret it because it takes us a long time, but I am conscious that we could get pregnant first go.

Anyone else been through this conundrum?